Rationing all over

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March 26, 2013 by losingourcool

Just another typical week in the world of rationing.

In Egypt, where there has long been a (wholly uninforced) twenty-piece-per-family daily limit on subsidized baladi bread, formal rationing is slated to begin in a couple of months, starting in Port Said. The daily limit will be enforced through a slick electronic ID system. Serious pushback will follow.

In addition to the places around the globe where water is rationed as a matter of routine, there currently is emergency water rationing all over the place: Oklahoma, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, New Zealand, Ghana, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Tasmania, and of course Gaza.

If the cold weather doesn’t let up in the United Kingdom, it will soon be gas rationing time.

And, as always, rationing is to health care what potatoes are to Idaho.

See SliceIt.org


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