Rationing a priceless resource

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April 8, 2013 by losingourcool

From the driest part of Rajasthan, the driest state in India, comes this excellent example of how to ration water effectively in the face of severe scarcity:

“The Baglop Baira well now stands as the most coveted treasure of Kalyanpur village … It is a blessing in the barren zone for its water is very sweet and light, devoid of fluoride or other contaminations. The community knows and has understood the value of this water reserve they have been fortunate to get. No other neighbouring villages have been so lucky in having a source like this … With scanty rainfall and depleting ground water table in Kalyanpur and for that matter in the whole Barmer district, the village community decided to use the available water with extreme care and wisdom. The Baglop Baira Samiti came into existence and the committee laid down rules after assessing needs of the 1,100 families in Kalyanpur.”

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